And the process thing.

I think I’ll leave this now and do something else…

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Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friends and then start asking you random questions.

Thousand times yes

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in one try… I made it sync perfectly withough even trying…

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music sketch 001! i’ll do other things too, besides the music - writing, drawing, things in motion (here we go)

It reminds me of The Good, The Bad and The Queen actually.

Titlemusic sketch 001


Original song: Summer Sun (Centuries Later)

Well, it’s been a while. This song has certainly been sitting around for a while. It’s the first thing I’ve made in Spanish and I’m actually rather proud of it. I’ve never done anything like it before, and all things considered, I’m damn happy with it. I even learned to play the quena and the zampoña just to record those flute parts!

I was trying to imagine how old traditional Equestrian songs might sound like, albeit with more electronics than it probably should. There’s a translation of the lyrics in the video description. This is supposed to be the second part of a short series of songs about the whole deal with Nightmare Moon and the aftermath. The last part is going to be a deal similar to Zenith, this time focusing on Luna and the stuff happening after she returns from her imprisonment. It’s gonna take a while to drop; I wanna make it the most ambitious thing I’ve ever made, but I hope it’ll be worth it! There is a lot of foreshadowing regarding part three in this song, music wise.

Anyways, sorry for taking so long to release things. I feel blessed that you want to stick around, so thanks for that. c: Thanks for listening!

Needless to say, this song is as great as any other from And The Rainfall and I’m very pleased to see a new upload in some time!


I’ve done it. I’ve combined coffee and tea. It’s really good.

I’m not lying when I tell you that earlier today me and my sister put some icecream in our cacao.

SNERK Fan Art by UnPausinator
Picture of reference:

SNERK Fan Art by UnPausinator

Picture of reference:Picture of reference


To all my friends I hope you have a really great day and I hope you enjoy it

"#kick life in the nuts"

Haha I love you adamthewalker


I’m kinda drunk and listening to And the Rainfall which is basically how I want to be my entire life

Look out, London

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Okay so umm dont do this:

Do not press the random links appearing on my tumblr.

I dont know how or when they appeared but they are bad!

Dont get tempted to press them they will redirect you to some shitty Congratulations you just won some shit shit so dont do it.

It may not be many of you guys on my tumblr anyways so its probably cool.


It’s that time of year again…


It’s that time of year again…